Seet Kok Heng

Chief Engineering Officer

Kok Heng’s favourite quote is from engineer and author, Gordon Gregg: “The scientist discovers a new type of material and the engineer discovers a new use for it.”

It reminds him that his job on this Earth is to find new and better ways to solve old problems.

That is why when he founded Hai Khim in 2004, he focused the company on developing and delivering mechanical and electrical engineering solutions that meet clients’ requirements in a more efficient and effective manner.

Kok Heng believes that everyone has a duty to leave the world in a better shape than when they first came into it, and that is what drives him at work and in life.

Ricky Ong

Chief Excellence Officer

Ricky’s favourite quote is from Abraham Lincoln: “If I have nine hours to chop down a tree, I will spend the first six sharpening my axe.”

It reminds him that excellence can only be attained when you plan your work and then work your plan.  That is why Ricky approaches every engineering challenge by first defining the problem clearly and making sure that the ‘tools’ that he will use to solve the problem are the right ones and they are sharp enough.

Ricky always encourages his colleagues to aim for the stars because anything that is worth doing is worth doing right and worth going big.  He believes that the key to success is to never believe that perfection cannot be improved on.

Quek Bee Peng

Chief Economics Officer

Bee Peng’s favourite quote is from famous mathematician, Freeman Dyson: “A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few ideas as possible.”

It reminds her daily to make Hai Khim’s financial operations as simple as possible while still maintaining their accuracy and integrity.  As Chief Economics Officer, Bee Peng also helps management to evaluate the financial feasibility of each new project or partner or product that the company wants to take on to ensure a win-win-win situation for the company, its clients and its strategic partners.

Bee Peng believes that the key to success is to stay loyal to your values, your team and the people who depend on you every day.

Chan Chin Kiat

Chief Engagement Officer

Chin Kiat’s favourite quote is from Yuen-Cheng Fung, father of modern day biomechanics: “Scientists try to understand nature. Engineers try to make things that do not exist in nature.”

It reminds him that his job is to see beyond what is in the here and now to anticipate what the clients need for the future and prepare to help clients create the things or the solutions that might not yet exist.

As Chief Engagement Officer, Chin Kiat is heavily-involved in ensuring that projects run like clockwork and they deliver the end results promised to clients.  

Chin Kiat believes that the key to success is to keep learning so that your knowledge, and you, will never be obsolete.

Zion Seet

Chief Enterprise Officer

Zion’s favourite quote is from James Kip Finch, an engineer and educator: “The engineer has been and still is, the maker of history.”  

It reminds him that although the engineer is never seen once the work is done, his work often affects how the world turns out and it affects the course of history as well.

As Chief Enterprise Officer, Zion works very closely with the firm’s corporate clients to understand the business’ engineering requirements and works with his team mates to devise technical solutions to meet or exceed those needs. 

Zion believes that the key to success to is work smart and work hard.  The two must always go hand in hand.

Ng Siew Khim

Chief Employment Officer

Siew Khim’s favourite quote is from the father of modern management, Peter Drucker: “The purpose of any organization is to provide a platform that allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things.”

It reminds her daily that her duty is to provide her team mates with the tools that they need to rise to peak of their potential and that is something that is not easy to do on the best of days but she never stops trying because it is important to her.

As Hai Khim’s Chief Employment Officer, Siew Khim takes care of all the human resources and procurement matters.  

Siew Khim believes that the real measure of success is how well you can help the people around you to succeed.

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